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Pershing Square Capital Management hosted its Annual Investor Dinner in late January (Dealbreaker has a copy of the presentation (.pdf).) We’ve previously written about Pershing Square in relation to its position in Borders Group Inc (NYSE:BGP). It was not one of our better calls.

Pershing Square’s investment strategy makes for interesting reading:

We seek simple, predictable, free-cash-flow-generative businesses that trade at a large discount to intrinsic value

  • Mid-and large-cap companies
  • Typically not controlled
  • Minimal capital markets dependency
  • Typically low financial leverage and modest economic sensitivity
  • Often hidden value in asset base
  • Catalyst for value creation which we can often effectuate

At the right price, we may waive one or more of the above criteria
Our selection process is designed to help avoid permanent loss of capital while generating attractive long-term returns.

Pershing Square’s investment strategy is more Buffett than Graham (or more Fisher than Graham), but note that they do seek value that may be hidden in assets. Pershing Square’s returns have been extraordinary, as this slide attests:


Although not all Pershing Square’s positions were winners:


(via Dealbreaker)

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