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Distressed Debt Investing has today launched the Distressed Debt Investors Club, a “community of investors dedicated to sharing ideas and helping each other navigate the sometimes mine-filled path of the distressed debt world.”

Members are admitted on the strength of their application and the thought process evident in the investment idea. Only 250 members will be admitted. Hunter is taking applications for next few weeks and will then admit those accepted to the site at the same time to “allow each member to see other admitted applicant’s ideas and thus begin the process of idea generation and sharing.”

If, like me, deep value, liquidations and activism are your thang, I would encourage you to join. The ability to analyze and trade in the debt side of the ledger will markedly expand your investment universe. Buy up all the bonds and get control like old “Net Quick” Evans or just agitate like Icahn.

Here is the Distressed Debt Investors Club FAQ.

Further questions should be directed to hunter[at]distressed-debt-investing[dot]com.

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