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We’ve recently posted about INFS’s value proposition here (it’s deeply undervalued) and the effect of a big buy back on the per share value of the company here (it’s hugely positive).

The company today announced plans to restructure and reduce its global workforce by approximately 30%, commencing in January 2009 and spanning a twelve month period. The announcement also says that that INFS “believes it will achieve profitable operations with an 18% gross margin target and operating expenses in the range of $10-11 million per quarter.” While this may appear to be encouraging for stockholders, in our experience projections about future profitability often don’t turn out as projected. They are made by managements deaf to what the market is telling them about the company. As a result, we are much more interested in the company’s plans to unlock the value in the assets. On that front, the news is mixed.

INFS has previously announced that it had retained an investment banking firm to provide “advisory services.” The new announcement says that these advisory services include “advice concerning unsolicited offers from outside sources expressing interest in purchasing the Company.” This is a positive development. The bad news is that the company has suspended the stock repurchase plan, which is slightly disappointing. We say “slightly disappointing” because a buy back of 4 million shares over a three year period does not have a meaningful effect on the per share value, so cutting it makes almost no difference. It does show, however, that management is ignoring obvious value-enhancing opportunities for stockholders.

INFS will host a conference call to discuss the announcement tomorrow, December 16, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. (Eastern). No doubt Nery Capital Partners and Lloyd I. Miller, III will be on.

Hat tip to commenter Steven for the tip.

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